Friday, 14 July 2017

Watercolour girls

I have discovered watercolours again! First with the smudges that I make faces of in my new diary, and now I'm also starting a new "series", if you can call it that, of watercolour girls. I have been sketching a lot of these in the last weeks and now I'm trying them out on watercolour paper. Here's the first one:

I have to try out some things for the background, not sure whether I'll leave it like this, but I had fun making this, and I'm sure more will follow, since it consists of two of my absolute favorite things: making faces and using quotes :-)

Last week I was at the coast with the kids and my mother, in a place with no internet. So I didn't make a blogpost. So here's my diary-spreads from the last two weeks:

Week 4 started out like this:

and turned into this:

And week 5 started like this:

and became this:

I have now gotten into the habit of writing a few lines about my day every day, and I really enjoy reading back through it. I also feel these spreads are becoming more "me". Quotes are creeping in, and I'm trying out different things. We'll see where it ends ....

I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday and will have a look at everyone's blogs this weekend. For the last time this month, since the summer holidays started and I'm going offline for a few weeks to enjoy the time together with family.

I'll leave you with some (actually a lot of!) funnies :-)

And the other ones ....

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Almost July!

Another month is almost here, so I made a wallpaper for July!

You can download it here for your personal use :-)

I am still trying to find my own style with my artjournal/diary, but it's getting there. Here's the spread from last week:

And the way it started:

Still not too happy about my writing, but I'm trying to take my time and not write too fast. I decided to write with my left hand. I have this weird thing where I don't really have a dominant hand. I do some things with my right hand, like writing, and some things with my left hand, like drawing and painting. Whenever I write quotes in my art, I do it with my left hand, because for me it feels more like drawing than writing. So I hope by writing in this diary with my left hand it'll gradually become more "nice-looking".... We'll see ....

I also did another map-spread:

And that's it for this week!

As usual, I'll be sharing this with Paint Party Friday. Looking forward to seeing what everyone created this week!

And here are the funnies!

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Still busy

The kids have finished their exams and it's only one more week until the summer holidays start. Can't wait! This week has been unbelievably hot here, we're having a heatwave and there hasn't been any (sufficient) rain in a long time. Tonight it finally cooled off a bit, and hopefully tomorrow it'll rain. That's something I don't usually say, but now it's really necessary. The poor farmers are getting desperate ....

I finished another week in my journal. I decided not to use the stamps anymore to write down what had happened, but I'm not thrilled with how my handwriting looks. Still have to figure out a way that I like ...

It's looking a bit blue-ish because I took the picture outside when it was already getting dark. I had so much fun "dressing" them with collage :-) I want to do more drawing on there, but there's not enough space. Maybe I should write a bit less. Still experimenting.....

This is how it started:

I also did another map-spread. To deal with my feelings of horror concerning that horrible fire in London. Those poor people... Imagine being trapped like that, with no where to go and no saving in sight. It must be devastating for the ones who lost loved ones.

And that's it again. I'm linking to Paint Party Friday, as always. There seem to be less people participating lately. I wonder if it's because of the summer, or because less people are blogging. It looks like Instagram is taking over from blogging. I still prefer reading blogs though, so I sure hope people will continue to blog....

Anyway, time for the funnies!

And the ones to think about ...

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